During the last 29 years, we have assisted over 30,000 homeowners and realtors in the Atlanta Metro area and the United States convert vacant properties into beautiful Showhomes. As a result, these homes have usually sold quicker and for a higher price.

Showhomes is constantly attracting and cultivating a population of pre-qualified individuals and couples, selected in part, on the basis of the quantity and quality of the furnishings and accessories they own. They are interviewed, screened and trained to become Home Managers. Upon completion of the qualification and training process, they are added to the “Showhomes Home Management Team”.  When a homeowner contracts with Showhomes, a pre-qualified Home Manager is selected for their home on the basis of the compatibility of their furnishings and makeup of their family.  When the match is made, our professional decorators assist the home managers in staging the home using their furnishings to create a beautiful “Showhome”.  Because our home managers keep the homes in "Show to Sell" condition, we are able to accommodate a showing with as little as thirty minutes notice.

 Home Managers help with utilities, lawn and pool costs.  They keep the home in excellent condition making sure each prospective buyer who visits experiences a warm welcome.

Our Home Managers function as independent contractors, not tenants, therefore when the home sells we are able to relocate them from the home with as little as 21 days notice. Upon the sale of the home, we transfer the Home Manager to another one of our vacant properties waiting in our inventory to become the next “Showhome”!

We are the only company that carries a $2,000,000 general liability insurance AND a $500,000 property damage insurance policy.  We also require the Home Managers to carry a renter’s policy that covers any damage or personal injury issues throughout the marketing cycle of your home.

Since opening our operation here in the Atlanta market, we have consistently enjoyed a very positive reputation. We invite you to inquire about us to your agent regarding our commitment to excellence and the professional manner with which we conduct our business.

Showhomes of Atlanta is a 100% FREE service to Homeowners and Realtors
Create a Model Home Atmosphere

Our Homeowners pay NOTHING for our service! As a comparison, many Home Builders spend thousands of dollars to turn their new properties into model homes.


Holding Costs Reduced

In most cases, monthly utilities, lawn, and pool maintenance fees are paid for by our Home Managers. Sellers pay NOTHING for this service!


Asset Preservation

The occupied home can be safeguarded against possible vandalism, weather damage, and deterioration



Insurance Costs Reduced

Insurance premiums for vacant homes are significantly higher than for occupied homes. In some cases, coverage may be reduced or policies cancelled because a house is vacant. Having our Home Managers occupy your house will help to avoid these higher insurance costs.


Property Management

Security and minor maintenance are the responsibility of our Home Managers. This reduces property management time for your realtor and allows them to spend more time marketing your property.

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